Our Story


Mordy Siegal

Founder & CEO

Mordy Siegal is a food enthusiast, community builder, and entrepreneur. Growing up in Chicago, he noticed that downtown was notoriously bare of kosher food options. That’s why he launched a kosher food cart at McCormick Place in 2010 and has since established dozens of carts all over the country.

But Mordy’s food carts provide so much more than convenience. They provide access to a culinary experience shaped by millennia of history and tradition. It’s also about community. At Mordy’s Kosher, a Jew who keeps kosher could enjoy a meal with a Muslim observing halal.

Mordy is also passionate about integrating the local flavor of a venue he’s in with the menu de jour. Whether a soft pretzel in Philly or matzah ball soup in the old “Vest Side” of Chicago, the flavor is simultaneously unique, authentic, and familiar.

Chef Aaron

Aaron Gordon

Executive Chef

Aaron began cooking professionally at sixteen. After all, his schoolmates deserved higher-quality nutrition than they were getting. He went on to cook in Israel, where he single handedly catered a wedding for a family in need.

In 2010, Aaron graduated from the Kosher Culinary Center in Brooklyn. Soon after, he was hired at the world-renowned 92nd Street Y cultural center in Manhattan. Making his way to the midwest, he helped establish a restaurant in Detroit. Two years later, he joined the acclaimed culinary team at the Shallots Bistro in Chicago.

If you ask Mordy, Aaron’s do-it-yourself manner and passion for serving food are what make him a great chef. In his spare time, Aaron loves tinkering with old cars.

The Team

The Team

The Mordy’s Kosher team model the values that make this company so exceptional. They’re a diverse group who love nothing more than watching a satisfied customer bite into a pastrami sandwich on rye. Just stop by one of the carts to feel the energy they bring to work every day. You’ll be greeted with a smile, fed the tastiest meal with the freshest ingredients, and the largest variety of toppings.